About Us

The MARA Foundation is an independent organization established solely for the purpose of collecting and preserving information about the modern Assyrian nation.

MARA’s goal is to document the modern heritage of the stateless Assyrian nation and to seek funding to assist in this endeavor.  We operate worldwide where Assyrians reside.

The source materials collected include books, periodicals and magazines, documents, articles, photographs, audio and video recordings and manuscripts obtained from a variety of sources such as Assyrian individuals and organizations, universities, archives and libraries.  The collected material is cared for, archived and placed on the internet (provided the material is not under copyright).  The physical material is housed at the MARA Foundation archives and library.

Would you like to know more about us and how we work? Download our brochure (PDF) from here.

MARA Foundation Annual Report 2011-2012, download here (PDF).

MARA Foundation Annual Report 2013, download here (PDF).