Assyrian American Courier is Now Available

The periodical, The Assyrian American Courier, is now available on the MARA online archive.

MARA has 145 issues (from 1917 to 1920) of this periodical collected from the ATOUR Publications in the U.S.

There are additional issues in another collection in the U.S. However, it is a bound volume which is very fragile and therefore, difficult to scan (see pictures below).

The Assyrian American Courier (Izgedda) is one of the oldest Assyrian newspapers published in the United States. Based on the issues we have in this collection, we can assume that publication began in 1915. The latest issues we have are from the middle of 1920. The paper was published on a weekly basis and each issue consisted of four tabloid size pages. The first two pages were written in Assyrian, the third page was generally devoted to advertising and the fourth page often contained material in English. Izgedda was published out of New York by the Rev. Joel E. Werda who also served as its editor. Werda also published the well-known book entitled “The Flickering Light of Asia or the Assyrian Nation and Church” in 1924. Izgedda is a significant source during a very critical period of Assyrian history.