Assyrian American Herald is Now Available

The periodical, The Assyrian American Herald, is now available on the MARA online archive.

MARA has 169 issues (from 1915 to 1921) of this periodical collected from the ATOUR Publications Collection in the U.S.

The Assyrian American Herald was the first [second] Assyrian periodical to be published in the United States and it was the first weekly Assyrian newspaper to be published anywhere. Its editor and publisher was Paul S. Newey (1885-1960) who immigrated to the United States in 1906 and eventually came to Chicago to study at the Chicago Theological Seminary where he received a B.D. degree in 1913. He founded the Assyrian Congregational Church in Chicago in 1919 which he served until his passing in 1960. In July 1915 he started the Assyrian American Herald which was first printed from hand written copy. By October 1915 the paper appeared in type designed by Newey. The Herald continued for almost six years (until May 1921) and provides an important source of information about the history of the Assyrians during WWI, their struggle for national survival and the challenges they faced in adjusting to life in the diaspora.