Friends of MARA Support Membership

Dear friends of MARA,

MARA is a completely volunteer run project currently with no funding. We encourage you to support our important work and mission, i.e. to locate, collect, and preserve source material and literature on the history, culture, and language of the Assyrian community worldwide.

With today’s technology we gradually make the material available on the MARA Online Archive so that the Assyrian community and academics all over the world can use it, and it’s all for free. MARA has been operating since 2008 and holds now one of the largest collections of source material and literature on the Assyrians in the world. We will only survive with your donations that will enable us to continue to develop our work. If MARA is useful to you and if you feel that MARA is doing important work, please take one minute and donate now. Thank you.

Please visit this page on our website to place your donation.

A donation of any amount will result in the inclusion of your name on our Donors page and a copy of the MARA Annual Report.

Friends of MARA Support Membership
We are now introducing a support membership, called Friends of MARA. This support membership is for those who would like to become a regular contributor to MARA. There are two levels of the support membership:

1.     200 Euro/year for individuals
2.     500 Euro/year for institutions and companies

How to join Friends of MARA
Use the PayPal application below. Click the “Donate” button, on the next page add the amount or level that fits you best. Please make sure that you add “Friends of MARA” in the notification area. If you have a PayPal account, log in with your email and password. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can use this application with a credit or debit card. Please consider joining Friends of MARA today!

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