Kokhwa (the Star) is Now Available

The periodical, Kokhwa (the Star), is now available on the MARA online archive.

MARA has 207 issues (from 1906 to 1918) of this periodical collected from the ATOUR Publications Collection in the U.S.

Kokhwa (the Star) was the first independent Assyrian newspaper published by and for Assyrians. It was published between June 1906 and January 1918. The very first Assyrian newspaper was Zahrere d’Bahra (Rays of Light) which was published by the American Presbyterian Mission in Urmia. Other Assyrian newspapers published by other missions were Qala d’Shrara (Voice of Truth) by the Catholics and Urmi Artadoksaita (Orthodox Urmia) by the Russians. In the midst of this sectarian division, Yohannan Mushie founded Kokhwa to serve as a voice for Assyrians of all denominations.