Leshono d umtho Now Made Available

The periodical of Leshono d umtho, has now been made available on the MARA online archive.

MARA has 46 issues (from September 1927 to July 1931) of this periodical collected from the Assyrian Academic Society Collection (USA).

The fortnightly periodical Leshono d umtho (Voice of the Nation; or literally Language of the Nation) with its french subtitle Journal Assyrien, was published in Beirut by Ibrahim Hackverdi from 1927 to 1946 in Syriac, Arabic and Turkish (with Syriac script).

nuro-haqverdi Abrohom Nuro (left) and Abrohom Haq Wirdi, beginning of 1970’s, holding a bound volume of Haq Wirdi’s periodical Leshono d umtho, published between 1927 to 1946. Source: private library of Abrohom Nuro, Aleppo, Syria.

It is then clear that there are several issues missing. If you happen to know of any further issues of this important magazine and/or any other items that you miss on the MARA online archive, please send us a mail to contact@assyrianarchive.org describing what and how you want to share. Please include your contact information.