Morshid Athuriyon Now Made Available

The periodical of Morshid Athuriyon has now been made available on the MARA online archive.

MARA has 47 issues (from January 1909 to December 1912) of this periodical collected from the Herbert Basil Quoyoon Assyrian Collection (USA).


Left: A sample of the cover page of Morshid Athuriyon. Right: A portrait of the editor and publisher, Ashur Yousouf. 

Morshid Athuriyon (Assyrian Guide) was a monthly magazine published in the city of Kharput by the well-known Professor Ashur Yousouf (1858-1915), who was the editor of it. It was mainly published in Ottoman Turkish (using Syriac script), but some articles and texts included are in Syriac, Arabic and Western Assyrian. According to Sargon Donabed in his “Remnants of Heroes: The Assyrian Experience” (2003) it was in publication for six years until the time of his ordered death. MARA has all issues published from January 1909 to December 1912, all originating from the Herbert Basil Quoyoon Assyrian Collection.

It is then clear that there are several issues missing, that is from January 1913 to his death in 1915. If you happen to know of any further issues of this important magazine and/or any other items that you miss on the MARA online archive, please send us a mail to describing what and how you want to share. Please include your contact information.