Become donors to the MARA Foundation

MARA Foundation is starting today a fundraiser, please read below on how you can support this important work.

Become donors to the MARA Foundation to support our work. Your support is going to take care of, document and make the Assyrian Heritage in modern time available. The material which is collected from all over the world is stored in both physical form in our archive but it is also digitized in order to make it available on the Internet. Your support makes it also possible to maintain an administration for this work.

By becoming a donor you will be mentioned as a benefactor on MARA Foundations website and in its publications and will also get a free copy of MARA Foundation Yearbook.

Donate now!

By becoming a donor to the MARA Foundation you make sure that Assyrian culture and literature is preserved. You also ensure and protect the heritage of older generations Assyrians and that they will be remembered. So also you make it possible for us to make available knowledge and information about Assyrians to readers, researchers and students all over the world who are interested to learn about the Assyrians.

All contributions are welcome. Because our work is permanent and long-term we would prefer to as many as possible can consider donating economically annually.

Below follows three alternatives how you can become a donor:

1.    Direct Debit  

2.    Bank Giro Service  

3.    PayPal

Here on our website, you can very easily select the alternative which suits you best. Please make your choice, fill out your information already today!

If you belong to and is active in an organization which you consider should support our work? The organization can contact us at the address below to review how the organization can become donors.

Contact information:

Address: MARA Foundation
Box 20
421 21 V. Frölunda