A New Milestone for MARA

MARA has reached a new milestone now that it is technically possible to share books and documents on its online archive available to the public, researchers, and students.


In recent years, MARA has digitized large amounts of material concerning Assyrians in modern times from various collections around the world including Russia, USA, Germany,Sweden, Lebanon, Turkey and Syria.

Due to the lack of monetary funds and programmers with the proper technical skills, the material has not been available until now. With the assistance of two volunteer programmers, Mikael Isik, Gothenburg, Sweden and Ninos Ego, Augsburg, Germany, we now have a tool installed that allows the user to read books, articles, manuscripts, brochures and documents directly on MARA’s online archive.  We thank these two programmers and Melammu AB, our host server.

Current status of MARA’s online archive

During the time MARA’s material could not be shared, our work focused on bibliographic information (mainly published and copyrighted).  With proper programming, books, articles, manuscripts, documents and brochures not under copyright may now be read from MARA’s online archive.

As additional material becomes available, MARA will update its website to inform its readers.

To see how this tool works, follow this link,  and log in to read documents online.  Registration is free.

Screenshot from MARA’s online archive. 

Future work on the website

The addition of tools to hear audio and view video recordings is currently under development.  More information forthcoming.

Note: The tool works with Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox but not with Internet Explorer 9 or its earlier versions.  Our programmers are working to resolve this issue.

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