Important technical information regarding MARAs’ database

Important technical information regarding MARAs’ database follows here.

We want to inform the users of the MARA database that we are currently working on our <scrolling tool> called BookReader, for books, newspaper, and documents in PDF file format. The lack of such a tool is the reason why we have not been able to present any material earlier. BookReader is developed by Internet Archive and allows for an easy and user friendly way to read books, newspapers and documents online. Follow this LINK to see how BookReader looks and functions.

Our developers in the USA are currently working on a way to install the tool and integrating it with our database. As soon as this process is finished we will start filling the database with books, newspapers, and documents.

Due to recent restructurings of the database and relocation of our database to Sweden, some technical difficulties have appeared. We want to inform our new users that it is currently not possible to create a new user account. We are working on a solution to the problem and apologize for the trouble this may have caused.