The Assyrian Association of Södertälje Donates to MARA

The Assyrian Association of Södertälje (Sweden) has donated parts of its archives to the Modern Assyrian Research Archive, MARA. Books, Assyrian magazines and press clippings regarding Assyrians from Swedish media will now be available to researches, students and the public.

The donation to MARA consists of 5 moving boxes of material in different languages and is related to many different topics. It will add to our knowledge of events in Assyrian contemporary history in Diaspora and in our homelands.

MARA wants to thank the Assyrian Association of Södertälje for this donation. Together with other material donated to MARA, the material will be digitized and catalogued gradually. All material donated to MARA will always be linked to the individual or institution who made the donation, both in digital and physical form.

Many individuals and organizations contact MARA and want to make donations, which is much appreciated. Do you also wish to donate material? Please send us an e-mail at Leave a short description of the material and some information about yourself.